b_960_960_16777215_00_images_landscape__0018_Modern_Procession.jpgThe Incorporation comprises a Livery which at the present time consists of approximately 50 members. Because of the size of the Hall it is unlikely that the membership will exceed this number. Of these Liverymen a number are appointed to the Court of Assistants to manage the affairs of the Incorporation.

Three of these Assistants are elected to the office of Master, Head Warden and Under Warden respectively; normally for a period of 12 months and usually proceeding from one appointment to the other. The election to these appointments takes place on the last Friday in May at a meeting of the Court of Assistants.

These meetings of Assistants, which are known as "Halls", take place twice a year in May as stated above and also on the 5th November, or if it falls on a Sunday, the following Monday. It is at these meetings that all business is conducted. 

The day to day running of the Guild is carried out by an Executive Committee consisting of The Master, Head Warden, Underwarden, Immediate Past master and 5 other members. These members are elected to the Executive Committee for a period of 3 years at the May Hall. At the end of this period they may stand down or put themselves up again for re-election.

Of particular concern in the running of the Guild is the upkeep of the Hall, fulfilment of our charitable objectives, the introduction of new members, the care of our silver and chattels and the hospitality of our guests. Members of the Executive Committee are appointed to oversee the functions.

The Incorporation appoints a Clerk, a Treasurer and a Beadle to assist with the running of the organisation.

The Clerk, who is usually a distinguished professional, is responsible for the proper and efficient running of Incorporation business, particularly supporting The Master during his or her year in office including accompanying him or her to functions of other Livery Companies.

The Treasurer is responsible for all financial matters including securing income, monitoring expenditure and preparation of annual accounts.

The Beadles is responsible for the day to day running and security of Tuckers Hall, together with our artefacts and valuables. He is in attendance when open to the Public and when events are taking place. He leads The Master and Wardens on Civic occasions. There is also a Deputy Beadle appointed to assist the Beadle.